This page will be the meat and potatoes of my blog! I have been a dancer my ENTIRE life and I can't wait to share my stories, my knowledge and my love of all things dance related. It truly has been one hell of a ride and I am amazed when I really sit back and reflect on all that a little girl from Buffalo, Ny with a dream has accomplished and you can too! 4 World Tours (Backstreet Boys Millennium, Beyoncé Dangerously In Love, Limp Bizkit Anger Management, Destiny's Child Fulfilled and Lovin It. 2 Premium Residencies with Cher in Las Vegas, dozens of Feature Films with A list actors and countless Awards shows. Choreographing, Creative Directing, Movement Coaching and I'm still in the game. Blessed is all I can think to say, humbled and excited to share my knowledge with you all.