Life Is But A Dream

I believe every female dancer at one point or another has dreamed of dancing next to Beyoncé. For me that dream was a reality for 3 consecutive years of my life and what an exciting adventure it was! Dangerously In Love was B's first solo album and it launched her into the stratosphere of superstar. We traveled all over the world wrapped up in the whirlwind that surrounded her. We danced for princes, were welcomed at events honoring Nelson Mandela, hit after parties with hip hop royalty and I still to this day am great friends with many of the ladies pictured. This picture is from the Ladies First Tour that B headlined along with Alicia Keys, Missy Elliott and Tamia. It was her first solo tour in the US and when it all started we were her girls. Beyoncé hated public appearances then and she would only show up to a promotional club event if we all would be there to support her. It was a time I'll never forget and I feel so blessed to have been a part of it. The years I spent dancing with her and then Destiny's Child for their reunion solidified my career as a dancer for some of you who have reached out to me and are true fans of me & those performances. I was her first and ONLY blonde dancer THEN and it is a title I proudly will hold forever. ;) I thank you immensely for all of your love and support both then and now. For more fun stories and some pointers here and there be sure to join my email list and check out & subscribe to my YouTube Channel for fun videos, Q & A's with other dancer friends and comment below if you're so inclined. xxx Melanie

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