Minimum Rates For Live Shows, Industrials & Non-Union Music Videos 


Rehearsals:  Agency fees apply on top of these rates
$175 | 1-4 hours (anything over 4 hours = time and a half)
$250 | 4- 8 hours (anything over 8 hours = time and a half)
Also note, if a rehearsal is on a travel day, both fees apply.
$500 minimum / show 
Rate for additional same-day shows is negotiable
Also note, if show is on a travel day, both fees apply.
Travel/Off/Retainer Days  
$150 per travel/off/retainer day
Per Diem
Depending on the company policy, it can be distributed on the first day of the job, or inside your check.
Domestic Travel: $65 / day  
International Travel: $75 / day  
Fittings outside of rehearsal day: $50 / hour 
Fittings on rehearsal days apply as time worked. 
Performers requested to supply their own costumes shall be compensated at:
$25 / outfit 
$15 / pair of shoes
If wardrobe asks to bring personal options but decide to use their clothing, you may wear your own clothing, but you will not be compensated.
Should call occur in less than twelve (12) hours from the previous wrap time, performer shall receive double time for each hour worked prior to the twelve (12) hour period.
Additional Fees/Usage Fees
An additional fee will be negotiated if video (or portions of video) that embodies performer's likeness is used for commercial, television, film, dvd, concert tour usage, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube/YouTube Red, Vevo, social media or any other promotional media.  
Usage fees are calculated based on the total budget of the video.  Usage fees include all ancillary usage for music videos including documentary, "making of" specials, dvds, film trailers, social media/online footage, or concert tour usage.  Usages excluded from this fee are product-related commercial usage, usage that falls under union jurisdiction (such as the use of music video within a feature film, non-promotional television program, etc.)  print usage (including, but not limited to cover art) and "lifts" into other titled music videos.  This also includes any medium now known or created in the future.
*Please be aware that usage fees do not happen all of the time, and when received, usage fees may vary.*
With the increase in reality/documentary styled filming, please be aware:
*Behind the scenes footage, or any filming/taping must be cleared and negotiated in advance of cameras rolling tape or film*
*Always contact your agent before signing any release form*